Monday, October 15, 2007

Life With a Teacher

It has now been over two months since the wedding - two months with one of America's newest GREATEST teachers!! Everyone loves him!! From his sponsor teacher, to his supervisor, to the kids he teaches, to administration, to his wife!!! :-) No seriously, while I do enjoy bragging, it's all the truth! I've read the comments from his supervisor. I've talked to his sponsor teacher (more like she talked while I listened to how great a job my husband is doing and how "amazing" he is and what a hit his cheese cakes were! Another story for another time!) I've seen the excitement early in the morning (too early for my liking!) while he's getting ready to go face another day with 16 second-graders!

Sometimes I really feel like I'm living with a second-grader, but I love EVERY minute of it!!! I've learned to search even harder for spots on khaki pants and light colored shirts! I soak light socks with shout and thank God when he wears black! And then there's that little issue of cleaning out pockets. I've learned not to assume that he has already cleaned out his pockets before I scoop his pants into the laundry! So far I've washed a popsickle stick with a student's name on it, and a "chip" (part of the discipline system in his classroom. Apparently this "chip" had been confiscated from an unruly student and forgotten in his pocket.) I don't even know how I missed them!

Now his first of two placements is almost over and he'll move on to another school (a little closer to home). He's not looking forward to that placement (sixth grade!), but I know that with his GREAT attitude and strong desire to be the best he can be wherever he is, he'll survive that one and graduate with flying colors! In the mean while, life never gets boring - that's for sure, and he is doing what he loves to do! I am so proud of him, as I'm sure many of you are.

The picture was taken during a card trick. (Click the picture to enlarge) The kid's were spellbound!! Mrs. D (his sponsor teacher) has decided that "when Mr. Catton leaves [she's] just going to be chopped liver!"


R. Catton said...

Hi Leah and Jon. Thanks for the update on "Mr. C." I always knew you would make a great teacher! You have fun with children and have the sense of humor every teacher needs. Just a few more months and you will graduate. You have worked very hard and we are really proud of you, Jon!!!!
Love, mom & dad

Melanie said...

I tried to leave you a comment last night, but blogger was in a bad mood and would not allow it.

Anywho- I'm so glad Jon is enjoying his student teaching. I also had to student teach in 6th grade. I thought for sure I would rather die than have to teach 11 year olds. But I LOVED it- that age is so much fun. They still love their teachers. I'm sure Jon will love it and the kids will think he's great!