Friday, December 28, 2007

Some News

Greetings to one and all! Sorry that we haven't been up to date very much on this, but with the Christmas season being here, and the family, friends, food, fun, food, Christmas day, food and all the other things going on, it's been a bit crazy and hard to find time to write another post. But, we trust every one had a wonderful Christmas and we trust you'll all have a Happy New Year!

But I digress. Leah and I would like to let everyone know that we are moving. It's not too terribly far from where we are living now, it's about an hour and half away. We are moving from Massena, New York to Lake Placid, New York. Leah was offered a job working for my previous employer Dave Foster and it comes with a substantial increase in regards to income. She will be doing some cleaning of the very expensive houses in between rentals. This business has many many houses that need to be cleaned, and Leah will be able to work a regular week doing so. As for me, well... at this point in time, I'm going back to work with Dave also. I will be back outside where I have had this major itch to be for some time. I'll be shoveling roofs, snow-blowing driveways, shoveling walks, plowing, and losing some weight (I hope). I love the snow (to an extent) and as Leah says, "I think Jon has snow in his blood!" (which is a bit of an oxy moron because I'm always hot) I'm looking forward to being away from schools for a while. My last student teaching placement was very difficult for me and I want a break. I told Leah that for twenty years of my life I've been in school, I could stand some time away doing something I enjoy.

We intend to make the move in the next two weeks possibly even sooner. We are both slated to begin work on the 14 of January. We are both VERY excited! It will feel nice to finally have some "real" income. We have a nice apartment in Lake Placid all lined up and a very nice landlord. So, we wanted to share with everyone what our next step is! Once again, we hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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