Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Season has Begun!

OK, Time for an update. (Well, OK I just needed a break from my homework and this gave me an excuse. Two assignment edits and another assignment all due today. What is she thinking?! Anyway. . .)

We were happy to help our friend Tandy celebrate her marriage this past week-end. Because we were to be singers, we had to be there for rehearsal Friday night. We drove up Friday afternoon, stayed over Friday, and came home Saturday afternoon. We didn't get home until around 9:00 P.M., had to print bulletins and do some school stuff and be up for church the next morning. It was a bit tiring, but luckily we had Monday off to recuperate. We're honestly turning into old people!

Here are a few pictures Jon took at the wedding and reception.

Andrew and Marilyn (Mother-of-the-Bride) (sorry it's blurry)

The Men - Andrew, two of his friends, Justin (cousin-of-the-Bride), and Todd (Brother-of-the-Bride)

The girls - Samantha (Maid-of-honor), Karissa, Kayla, and Jenn (all friends-of-the-Bride)

The junior groomsmen - cousin-of-the-Groom and nephew-of-the-Bride (from left to right)

The flower girl and Bible boy - Cousin-of-the-Groom and Nephew-of-the-Bride (respectively)(Poor Tyler was really embarrassed to be walking with a girl!)

"Gracie Mae" - niece of the Bride (just 1 yr. old!
She made it all the way down the isle squealing with delight!)

And finally - Here comes the Bride! (with her father)

And What are wedding pictures without the kiss?
(It was short and personally I am impressed that Jon caught it!)

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Shaffer introduced at the reception!

Congratulations TK! I already miss you!!


the taylors said...

But no pictures of you, whats up with that? What did you sing and what did you wear? We need details! :-p

Leah & Jon said...

Yes, we got one of those hold it out and shoot pictures, but I don't think we even kept it because it was really bad. So all that to say we'll have to see if anyone else got a picture.

P.S. We did the song that we did at our wedding. Oh yeah and I wore the skirt and stuff that I made! Hint...