Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Turn

Call it brother appreciation day or whatever you want. If it gives me an excuse to post my prize winning picture of my big brother, it's fine by me. For a while now, everyone (my sisters) has been posting old and silly pictures. Many of them are of my big brother "Bud". Well. . . I just happen to have a more up to date photo of him. This one was taken only a couple of months ago at Vermontville camp. Some of the ladies decided to set up a place to swap old clothing. So they brought their old things and went home with some things that were new to them. Most of the clothes were ladies, but there were a couple of guys suits too. "Unfortunately" they couldn't find anyone tall and skinny enough for them. They thought Bud might be a good fit. . . Apparently he was too tall and not quite skinny enough.


Aimee said...

That moment at camp was far too halarious!! Jon, Tim and Justin were the entertainment for the moment=)

Then, they didnt want us to feel left out, so they attempted to find us some ol' granny dresses to go along with the snazzy suits. NO THANKS!

Definitely a keeper of a picture. High waters and all;) Just his style...ha!

Becky said...

Great stuff - love that cute, sheepish "Bud grin".

the taylors said...

Oh THAT is too good!! One of the women's meetings here (one of the more entertaining ones, I have largely quit attending) took out loads of donated clothes, tossed them in a pile in the corner and had a "fashion show" not only did you put together your outift but you had to write out something about it (i.e. new to this springs collection etc.) then they played some upbeat praise music and you walked the "catwalk." That was a hoot!

Lynette said...

I was going to leave a comment but I was afraid you would not allow it:)By the way,what IS up with THAT?