Monday, October 6, 2008

Burlington, VT

This past weekend, Jon's cousin (and my good friend) Aimee took a break from work and came up to visit! Saturday, we decided to explore the fine town of Burlington. This of course included the ferry that took us from NY across the lake to VT, shopping (with little success), and dinner at Olive Garden. Here are a few pictures of our little day trip. I wish I would have thought to get pictures of some of the friendly scarecrows that were all over along the road, but unfortunately I didn't think of this until after dark!
"We're all happy and excited and having a good time. . .!" This was Jon trying to get us all smiling after several tries at this same pose!

These people were nuts! It was really cold on the water!

The boat.

And us!


Valerie said...

I love the song "It did" that you have on here, it is so sweet & brought tears to my eyes!

Looks like you had fun on the fairy!

the taylors said...

Looks like fun, cold but fun!

Lisa said...

Hi Leah. I got a message from Beckey that she found my blog and now I am looking at yours. I think I looked at yours a long time ago... or maybe it was Facebook or something! It looks like you are pretty busy with school. Krystle started school this fall. She is doing good so far. Take care! Lisa