Monday, October 20, 2008


And finally, our last activity of the weekend was an award ceremony for a dear friend and former music teacher - Ermina Pincombe. After years of playing just about any stringed instrument and singing folk and sacred music, Ermina was finally recognized and awarded for her talent and for helping keep Adirondack traditions alive and for helping pass them down.
Ermina was one of three award recipients for this year. There was also a Native American beadworker and gustoweh maker and a blacksmith. The other two brought in pieces of their work to display, but Ermina (and her son David) played and sang four songs for the audience.
We left from church Sunday morning, ate our picnic lunch on the run, and made it to Canton, NY just early enough for the 2:00 ceremony. Afterwards, there was a nice reception with certain foods to honor each of the three awarded. It was a very nice ceremony and reception to celebrate the native culture of the Adirondacks!
Here are some pictures.
On Stage and very nervous!
The successful completion of the second song brought a smile!
Receiving her award!

No words - She was so excited and overwhelmed!

Admiring the certificate.

Whew! It's all over with!
The four of us. (After the ceremony and before stuffing ourselves with way too much fried bread, etc.)

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Becky said...

Aahh... now I can type a whole book to you if I want and still get to hear your music. :)
On a serious note, good for you for keeping up with that friendship and giving time and respect to someone who the world would pass over. That's very cool!