Friday, November 7, 2008

New. . .er Wheels!

We have actually had the new "car" since the middle of August, but didn't post pictures because we wanted some people to see it "in person" first. Now, however, everyone has seen it and for lack of something better to post, here is a picture of the new wheels. We cristened it with a trip up Whiteface Mt. the day after we got it (back when we posted all the other Whiteface pix).

It's a 2002 Mazda Tribute. Features include: sun roof, cassette player AND 6 CD changer, power locks and windows, remote key-less entry, both automatic and push button 4-wheel drive, etc. It's quite an upgrade, and we're excited to have something a little more dependable and suited to our location!


the taylors said...

Congrats on the new wheels. DID notice by the way and didn't intend to seem indifferent or disinterested. We just had a half a zillion things going on in a small time frame. Looks like a fun new "baby" and one of the best kinds for those of us not yet ready to commit to the real thing> :-)

Leah & Jon said...

Yeah, Daddy already informed me that it looked like there was plenty of room for a car seat in the back and Ruth was concerned that we get something that sat high enough to not have to lift "things" out of it! :-) She doesn't have to worry about any such thing for a while!

the taylors said...

Oh, I hope I did not sound as though I was dropping less than subtle hints. :-P I was NOT I was only referring to the CAR as a new baby -- you know, something to pamper, take care of, be proud of etc. withOUT getting up in the night for feedings.
John and I have been in a similar place where we are thinking of a replacement, not thinking family just yet but thinking we probably SHOULD think about it in a replacement.

Leah & Jon said...

No, nothin like that, I was just saying by way of not being ready to commit to the real thing yet. I agree with you, but others don't get that part.

Anonymous said...

Innocent party here!!! "Things" can be many different items, had nothing particular in mind.

assuming I am "Ruth"