Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final Verdict.

So for those of you who have been waiting and wondering, we got a call from our insurance yesterday evening to inform us that our car IS indeed considered a "total loss". Since the day of the accident, our bosses have been kind enough to let us drive their third car (a total gas guzzler!), but now we are faced with car shopping all over again. Between our car and gap insurances, we will still only have to pay our insurance deductible, so we are fortunate to not be stuck with a loan on a car we don't own anymore. We (or Jon, I'll be working) are supposed to go collect our plates and sign the title over to the insurance tomorrow. They (insurance) would like us to find a replacement within thirty days to keep things a little more simple AND to keep our rates down. We're really not looking forward to this whole shopping thing so soon after our last purchase, but we've been praying that God would just find one for us (I think Jon even asked for front door delivery! He's got more faith than me!). Jon went and took more pictures of the car today. They have all the messed up spots marked with bright yellow, and there are a LOT more yellow spots than we had realized! I still think half of the mess is from the car getting pulled out. I told Jon, "I think I kind of flew over all the rocks, but when they pulled it out, they drug it over all that!" Oh well, Say one (or two) for us as we try to find a suitable replacement - hopefully in good time.

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The Early Family "Adventures" said...

God is definitely able to do the front door delivery. We have asked for things to be written in the sky before. We will def send a few your way.