Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Few Easter Pictures


the taylors said...

OH, thank you for sharing --- and so quickly too! I was excited to wake up and find these.
I thought I would get mine posted last night (I intended to) but alas, my company left and I crashed, it had been a long day.
The sleep felt good!! :-p

Becky said...

Beautiful new background, beautiful outfit (where did you find it?) and beautiful pictures! Nice job whoever the photographer was!

Leah & Jon said...

Thanks! Thanks! and Thanks! I took the pix of the girls at Mamma and Daddy's and would you believe the one of Jon and I was a timer shot?!?

The skirt was one of my C-mas gifts from Mom C that I picked out. I had just randomly picked up the t-shirt on a good deal last summer and the sweater was what I bought to go with my dress for Brad and Mel's wedding last summer. Since it was lighter weight, I forgot I even had the skirt til Sat. night so I threw it all together the night before! Gotta love it!! :-)

Lynette said...

Thanks for the pics.Neat!Tell mamma that I saw her furniture.She was wishing she had these pics with her so I could see her furniture.