Thursday, July 16, 2009

Logan William Catton

Well, I don't have any pictures partly because we didn't take a camera and partly because even if I had, I wouldn't want to steel his parents' thunder, but. . . Last night Jon and I went to Plattsburgh to see the brand new nephew Logan. He was born a little before 4:00 yesterday (7-15-09) afternoon - right on his due date! Daddy was very pleased to show off his very full head of thick black hair and Mommy was just pleased in general! Today, the new Mommy gets to "celebrate" her birthday sitting in a hospital snuggling her baby and catching up on sleep! Happy Birthday Melissa! And Happy Birthday Logan!!


Lynette said...

Wow how exciting!Congrats on the new nephew.

the taylors said...

Awe, I am glad he is here safely! Great name, I like it! How big was he?

Leah & Jon said...

He was around 8.5 lb and 20 1/2". Mom highly recommends the epidual! :-)