Monday, September 28, 2009

Moist Monday Message

(Yes, I realize that is quite possibly the cheesiest post title I have ever come up with. I just decided it'd be fun to try.) K, no pictures unfortunately, but it's not because we haven't been doing anything! It seems like we've been keeping pretty busy for fall. So here's a little run down of our recent activities and not necessarily in order of when they happened, just the order of me remembering them. There is of course the daily work for Jon and nearly daily homework for me, a day or two of work for me here and there, church Sunday and Wednesday, band practice at church for Jon sometimes after church Wed. sometimes Sat., everyday grocery shopping etc., a dead car and the search for a new one, a ladies' retreat, Jon's birthday, birthday/anniversary dinner with friends, yet another attempt at working out and getting healthier, choir practice at church for both Jon and I (after church), young adult game night, and all the everyday things! The good news is that I'm finally finished with what has been the worst class I have had yet (not because the work was that hard. The instructor was just NOT great, the lectures and instructions were totally vague and the instructor was absolutely no help when I asked for it!) and I passed it with a somewhat respectable grade (not what I would have liked). Now I have all this week off and a financial battle with the school to deal with before I begin my next quarter. I'm in the home stretch! Just three more classes - just 11 more weeks after this week!! Jon is also keeping good and busy. Work is coming in faster than they can do it almost (lots of boiler installs which can take a couple days each depending. . .). They have two different "crews" with two different "trucks" (actually panel work vans) going almost all the time and things are going well. So, lack of word from me does not mean that we haven't been doing anything, it just means I haven't taken any exciting pictures and I know I get discouraged reading long posts without pictures sometimes. And now, I have a mile long to-do list for my one week off school, and I better get to it so I can actually make a dent before the week is over! Today's task: Straightening the entire house and getting laundry completely done, folded, and put away.


Aimee said...

When one hasn't heard from another/update in blog for a long time, I'd take all the time in the world to read a lengthy blog, just to be updated. Pictures definitely help with breaking the read up, but it's always ok.

Glad things are going well for the both of you.

Becky said...

I suffered through it and read all the way through to the end. Ha, ha just kidding. Couldn't resist teasing you. (Just kidding about the suffering I mean not kidding about reading the whole post) :)