Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyday Blessings

After my last class (and I'm ashamed to say my first B in a class since enrolling at AI of Pittsburgh), I was seriously having issues wanting to go on. To make a long story short, I couldn't figure out what the instructor was expecting out of me and when I asked her via e-mail, she wouldn't work with me and give me any ideas of how I could improve. Needless to say, I was a little worried about the next instructors I encountered.
Now I'm about half-way through my current class and the instructor is good enough, but the work load is like nothing I've ever encountered in any other class (even the ones that are supposed to be hard). It's not that the work is extremely difficult and most of it so far is just repeating things we've done in other classes and combining them all in order - actually going through an entire design job start to finish. It's just that most classes have around three assignments each week with the occasional fourth assignment. The first week of this class had FIVE assignments and the next two weeks had four each. Like I said, the work is not hard, but it IS extremely time consuming and if we're honest with ourselves, a lot of this stuff will NEVER be done in the course of the average design job! I've just been way stressed and discouraged with this class. I don't have local resources for fabrics and things, so I spend hours sitting in front of the computer trying to guess at things and our client information is very limited and we don't have a real client to ask our many questions. I know I'm not putting my absolute best into the assignments and yet my lack of sleep is making it hard to even care! I've been a little overwhelmed to say the least!
Anyway, all that to say that Today begins week 4 of 5 1/2 and I just received the e-mail from the instructor outlining the week's assignments. Much to my surprise, there are only three assignments this week!! I know it's a little thing and most of you have no idea why I'm feeling so blessed right now, but I AM!! After a late night finishing up the crazy model (pictured above) Saturday and an early morning Sunday, I was dreading today (and the next couple weeks) but that e-mail just made my whole week! So allow me this moment of relief and excitement - even if it is over a small thing!


Lynette said...

I completely understand.I had one of those things last week myself when I didn't think I could handle another rainy dreary day and prayed for extra sunshine.Imagine my complete delight to awake the next morning to a sunny day that was supposed to be rainy.

Aimee said...

The smallest things can be the most important. God knows where we are, and how to help.

R. Catton said...

Glad you have that "bit of relief" feeling! It is no fun to feel stressed with work and deadlines. Keep smiling, it's almost over and then you can put all you've learned to use. Love your model house, stresses me out just looking at it. :)