Monday, January 11, 2010

And still MORE!

Our tree and some random decorations.
The big white spots are actually beaded ornaments that apparently would work great as reflectors! :-)
My beautiful nativity set I got for Christmas. I couldn't wait to come home and set it up even if it was technically after Christmas. I'm gonna be sad to put it away!

The blanket I made for Logan (random I know)

Some of the "fun" decorations my mom found for me this year.

REALLY like these ones. There are two shiny and two frosted ones.

These came in a mixture of green, red, and gold. She got some multi-colored ones too, but I had already packed up my extra hook things so I didn't put any of those on this year.

Just for fun!

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Becky said...

Boy I think those beaded ornaments reflecting are even more noticeable on the pics. here than they were when we saw them on your camera. I'm glad you still have your Christmas music on your blog since I'm struggling with the post-Christmas blues. Besides, now I can let Kay listen to the Hippopotamus one 'cause she gets such a kick out of it! :)