Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is just nuts! Yesterday I was wearing flip-flops, a 3/4 length skirt, and sort sleeved polo. Today. . . it's SNOWING!!
That's right! The grass is nearly covered and it looks like a snow globe out there - huge slow falling flakes! I've been hearing on the radio that we are under a winter weather advisory too (although I'm not sure why since it's not sticking on the roads. I guess maybe we're at that temp. where there could be patches of ice or something.). They say we're supposed to get 6 in. of this heavy, wet stuff before tomorrow afternoon. Not to worry though! By Friday it's supposed to be back up to 68 deg.!
I honestly like where we live (family, friends, church, etc.) but sometimes I have to wonder. . . Are there better - warmer - places out there?!? :-)

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