Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick Rundown

So there's really nothing big to report these days. I had my first Dr. Apt. the day before our anniversary. Everything is good - good heart beat and movement and on track for our February 24th due date. Also, we did go out for our anniversary the Friday after. That Saturday we took some friends from church up Whiteface Mt. and to a fun outdoor restaurant. Oh and lets not forget the little chocolate place. We sampled several different varieties of their wares! :-) The next week was pretty "normal". Since then, we've had a two church softball game, a small town parade (our church young adult group did a cool float and won 1st prize!), and a combined mission service Sunday. Also (not in this order) we went to Vermontville camp for both weekends, helped celebrate Logan's 1st birthday, went to youth night at a local camp where the guys from church played/sang, spent an evening with my dad (my mom and Joy are gone for a week). And finally, we started moving things around to make room for baby furniture. I know we have time yet, but it's kind of gonna be a process to sort and store things. And that my friends it all I got for now.


Aimee said...

Glad all is going well for you and baby:) Are you guys planning on finding outwhat you are having when you are at the point that you can, or no? And, are you going to take pictures of the growth of your belly like Rach did? Im sooo happy for you both!

Keep updates coming! Love the sideline picture you have posted too:)

Leah & Jon said...

Yes, we do plan on finding out what it is when we can and yes I plan on taking belly pictures (when there's something to see), but don't plan on seeing them on here! :-)