Monday, December 6, 2010

The Halls are Decked!

We put our tree up the Sat. after Thanksgiving and I've been fooling with other decorations since then. I think we're finally done. Here are just a few of our Christmas/Winter decorations.
New this year (well sort of. I had them last year, but already had hooks and things packed away so I didn't use them last year)
We haven't had a topper because nothing struck our fancy - then we found this. The finished product! We're very pleased! (notice we added colored lights this year. We have the colored and white lights on different switches so we can have one or the other, but so far we've just had both.)


jeff said...

Very nice! Those new decorations look very old fashioned.

mama said...

Really like your tree. Those days of Christmas bulbs are so neat as they look like lighted bulbs. Also really like your background, especially the lamppost.

Becky said...

Beautiful! I LOVE your new background. It might have just inspired me to do something with my poor, forsaken blog. We just got our outside stuff up over the last couple nights. We went with snowmen for our walkway this year and I LOVE them!

The Taylors said...

I want hooked up with your "fairy godmother"!! :-) I LOVE that star!! Our angel is past due to be replaced but I haven't seen anything I liked plus, she is still doing the job more or less.