Thursday, March 31, 2011

For Aunt Gladys. . .

It seems our tiny baby has sprouted in the last couple days. Actually I'm pretty sure it happened over night Sunday night, but. . . :-) Anyway, we've moved up from NB clothes to 0-3mo or just 3mo. this week. It's such a sudden change too! Things that fit the end of last week - there's no squeezing into them this week! The scary part is that some of the bigger stuff fits perfectly, so I'm not sure how long it'll last. Apparently she runs long, so most sleepers and footed outfits she fills out all the way already. Anyway, as for the title, Great Aunt Gladys got her this little strawberry outfit. The hat was a gift from someone at church. Unfortunately we didn't make it out of the house before we had an accident and had to change. Maybe next time. . . :-)
I'm getting hungry! I warned you!
Full belly. . . Much better!
And for Uncle Dave. . . The food coma! :-)


The Early Family "Adventures" said...

In the last one she looks like she is holding her tummy because she is sooo full. :D Adorable pics.

Grandma Catton said...

These were so cute that I had to call Aunt Gladys and tell her, she was going on to have a peek for herself at this precious baby girl. Looove the pictures and the captions! She's a beautiful, growing baby. Love her.