Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Catch Up (not in order at all)

Happy Little Girl!
Sleepy Morning...
She sucks on her arm (always the same one) if she's hungry or occasionally if she's sleepy)
guess it's a stage but it's very difficult to get a picture without her hands in her mouth. It's funny cause I don't notice her chewing on her hands THAT much when you're not trying to get a picture.
Her outfit says "Our Little Sunshine". She is too! I bought the outfit before we found out she was a girl (we were hoping!).
This just makes me laugh! Sometimes she wakes up in the morning just already having a bad hair day! I promise this is NOT staged and the look on her face makes it even better!
Madelyn meets her cousin Kaelyn.
and Aunt Becky
pretty girl in an outfit from Aunt Rachel.
First day she rolled over. Daddy thought it was cute that she just lay there with her hands folded like this.
we didn't get a picture the first time she rolled because we were too excited, but this is the second time. She was sooo pleased with herself after working all week to get all the way over!
Just more sweet smiles
Daddy's day! He changed to quick so we didn't get any pictures while they were both dressed up for church, but here they are snuggling at the end of the day.

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The Taylors said...

oh my, what a snuggly little sweetheart she is!! I just couldn't stop ooooing and ahhhhing!!