Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just some random pictures

Shhhh. . . Angel sleeping! :-)
Favorite new playmate
Just thought this was interesting. Apparently this particular plant sheds water if it gets too much. See the drop of water on the tip of the leaf? Just looking out the window one day and noticed it.
Silly girl is so obsessed with buckles! she sits in her highchair and plays with the buckle. She can be all bent out of shape wanting out of her car seat but as soon as you unbuckle her she gets all distracted with that and will sit there for a long time just playing with it! I thought these were funny with her legs up and her so intent on that buckle!
Big girl PJs! AND cute slippers from Great Grama Ermina :-)
Unfortunately I have to return the PJs cause they were part of a set and one piece had problems.
So far NOT a huge fan of dress-up. . .
Flower butt... :-)
Playing guitar with Pop pop
Chillin' with Daddy

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The Taylors said...

Her cousin is impressed with her Pooh bear, chuckled and demonstrated how she had her tongue out...but then told me "shhh" as she is sleeping. :-) We both loved all the pictures.