Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Short Bursts of Blogging!

So, I should be trying to recover my house from company and Christmas and be getting ready for the next round of company and Christmas but instead here I am - but just for one short little bursts at a time.
P.S. these are older non Christmasy pictures.
Sending Love and Joy to you this Christmas season. . . (she didn't want to be Joy OR Love!) :-)
Just conked in her pack-n-play one evening
Goober is what we call this!
she was in this stage where if you squinted at her she'd squint back.
Pretty girl in her pretty dress from Uncle Brad and Aunt Melissa. It's funny how we got all these dresses when she was born and they seemed soooo big I thought she'd never wear them. . .
we're officially done with the baby tub because this was how that worked out the few last times. :/
This, I admit, was a set up. She is not allowed to stand up like this in the tub because she can easily slip and bonk her chin on the edge. Maybe it makes me a bad parent, but. . . I purposely left the room just long enough for her to pull herself up like this then sneaked back in and took a picture before I made her sit back down. :-)

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