Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Confession. . .

I'm not sure why, but I am completely avoiding my housework today! I don't have a lot to do, but for some reason i'm putting it off. I DID clean the kitchen this morning and take out 2 bags of garbage and a diaper genie bag of diapers but otherwise i'm just finding anything else i can to do - checking e-mail, taking pictures of my beautiful baby girl (who is going to be a year old tomorrow already. sniff!), and blogging (lucky for you! :).
Her new thing is reaching even further than she ever has. . . She thinks she's pretty clever because she can ALMOST reach the things I moved back so she couldn't get to them.
Tippy toes! :-)
Sorry it's a little blurry but she was coming right at me and VERY pleased with herself as you can see! :D

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The Taylors said...

Sniff indeed!! I realized today that tomorrow was her big day and I felt emotional :-/...Happy Birthday big girl!!