Friday, June 8, 2012

These are all out of order but here they are anyway.

Pretty dress from Grama and Pop pop.
 The kiddos on Memorial day
 a nice day at the park
 "seese!" (shoes) :D

 Her own little outside chair (and a bubble gun!)
 first ride on a mower... I was surprised that the noise didnt scare her.
 At Nana and Paw paw's one saturday.  She found the sand box and loved it...
 but allas this mean Mommy quickly decided she was too little for the sand box because the only thing she did was try to eat the sand. :/
 Look how big she's getting!  She's been sleeping a lot lately too because she's getting more teeth. We FINALLY officially have one molar!

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Rachel Taylor said...

Pretty little girl! I love the sleep funny!