Friday, October 11, 2013

Here are just a few random pictures before we start into hospital and baby Kathryn pictures... I know it's cruel of me. :D

 I was horrible about taking "fat" pics this time so finally on July fourth I had Jon take a couple so I'd have SOMEthing (and because I was afraid she'd come early... I HAD planned to take those sweet little family pictures before she was born but... well being hugely pregnant and not fitting in one's clothes doesn't exactly inspire one to put the effort into getting dressed and dressing the rest of the little family and trying to get pictures where you actually look... well I won't even say GOOD.).
 We were excited to have a place to actually set up Madelyn's little pool this summer.  She thought she was pretty big stuff in her two piece but unfortunately she actually wasn't big ENOUGH...  Haha! She had trouble keeping it on.
She was young enough last year that she didn't remember being in the pool so this year she was concerned about sitting in the water with clothes on. :D

Check out the other blog too.  Look at me all on a roll!

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