Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Countdown

OK, That is a panicky feeling! 62 days! Can you believe it? Only 62 days until the big day!! I just looked at my little online planner and there are I don't even know how many "Past Due" things to do on there!! We are steadily chuggin' on everything, it just seems slow. Summer is so busy it seems hard to get anything done! We have been trying to get things done, but we can't get one whole project done before we 1) get distracted with one of the many other projects that need our attention, or 2) have to go somewhere or do something that can't be avoided! We only have the weekends to get anything done together, and here's how the weekends go. This weekend - Friday night was Relay For Life for a young friend of mine who had 3 brain surgeries within a years time and is now facing the possibility of breast cancer at age 15! (Say one for her and her family!) We didn't stay all night, but late enough that we couldn't get anything else done that night. Today we started on a bigger project which required a couple trips to town for supplies, had to cut one of our town trips short to meet with our soon-to-be landlord; then had to go back to town. We got home in time to head to a graduation party for a friend from church! The storm and rain (during the party), pretty well ruined any chance of continuing our paining project tonight! Tomorrow - well I guess we'll see. I'm losing hope for getting anything done then either!

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Melanie said...

It might not seem possible now, but don't worry- everything will come together and the day will be perfect!