Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week Five - Checkin' it off!

Wow! Another week gone! And would you believe that all three of the items on our weekend TO DO list have been marked off?!? I am very proud of us this weekend! The week was a little crazy! I (Leah) was asked Friday morning, if I would put something together for children's services at a small church camp about 45 min.s away from home. Camp actually started on Thursday, and they wanted children services to start on Monday morning. If you know anything at all about children's work or teaching, you know that that is not very much time! I mean for me inspiration is key and if that doesn't come right away, well . . . So, I picked a theme and decided on stories. Unfortunately, however, inspiration didn't hit until I was ready to walk out the door Monday morning! Thankfully the whole family was going, I didn't have to drive, and I had 45 min.s to work on things. So, I survived, Monday through Friday with nine kids almost all week. They seemed to enjoy it, and I did too for the most part, but I was glad to see Friday morning come and go! This week I have a couple major projects to get under control, and a couple little things to finish up. Wednesday is July 4th and another wedding shower! I think we are really finally about to get everything done! Two weeks before Vermontville Camp, two weekends of that, then we're there!! Is that scary or what?!?!

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