Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Home!

OK, no we're not moving. Unfortunately we can't buy a new home for the price Daisy can get an upgrade.

While we were out over the weekend, we visited a nice little pet store. Daisy's bigger cage isn't all we wanted to bring home, but. . . the chocolate lab had to stay there! Anyway, here are a couple pictures of Daisy getting used to her new home. (she's quite photogenic!) When we first put her in it, she just sat there on the perch for a while with her head slightly tilted, and you could just about see what she was thinking. "I know! You guys painted it! No, no that's not it. . . new drapes? No, that's not it. . . I know there's something different about it!"

And just in case you forgot what the old one was like. . .

She seems very content in her new home!


the taylors said...

Yea for Daisy! I was worried that she was beginning to feel cramped in her small space. ;-p I get it, I was never going to be "one of those people" yet when we bought Snoop a pink collar at Old Navy, I wanted to take tons of pictures and do a layout called "She's Gone Girly" just so you know, I didn't. :-)

Leah & Jon said...

yeah I over heard Jon telling her the other day, that she looked good in white and yellow! Yikes!