Sunday, June 1, 2008

Out of Town

Jon and I were pleased to have the chance to get away this weekend. It wasn't a long vacation at all, but we thoroughly enjoyed our one night out of town!! While we were out and about, we got re-acquainted with the wonders of ihop, and Jon had the pleasure of introducing me to Olive Garden. I fell in love immediately! (We're still eating left-overs!)

It's always interesting (and a bit scary) to find and book a non-chain hotel online. We've done it twice now and so far so good! This hotel was a nice big place with a beautiful lobby, dining room, and pool. It was the kind of place that you feel a bit under dressed when you walk in in your jeans and t-shirt, and you really feel funny traipsing down to the pool in your lovely pool attire! (maybe I'll tell that story some day! :-/ ) Anyway, so we got into our room on the top of four floors of guest rooms (and this doesn't count the ground/lobby level). Now as a student of interior design, I'm still not sure if things were a bit outdated, or if they were made to look the way they did on purpose, but lets just say I've never seen an entire hotel wallpapered in a Victorian style white wallpaper with blue flower bunches all over it. I also noticed from the parking lot, that all rooms had these white frilly sheer curtains crossed so that they were almost completely doubled. How many big hotels have you been to with such homey curtains?! Anyway, not to bore you, but we were a bit amused to open the door to our room and discover that this good sized hotel had small rooms furnished with antique furniture - actually feeling more like a bed-n-breakfast. Overall it was a cozy little place and we enjoyed the pool!

Here is a panoramic shot of our room. It didn't line up quite right, but. . . (the bed is on the right. Bathroom and closet on the left.)

And just for you Rach! Here we are ready to head out for the day. (I really don't know why my eyes look so droopy, but. . . whatever!)

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Becky said...

You didn't tell us where you went (or maybe you didn't want us to know). Kevin was looking over my shoulder to see since it was new pictures. He said, "Where did they go?" I was like, "I don't know now that you mention it." :)

the taylors said...

Hey, if you change your mind and decide to head this way in August, I'd send you to a place very similar to the one described. When I get a minute I'll pull some pictures for you to enjoy. Old, quaint, even a bit falling apart but SOOO cool and so glad we did it.

Aimee said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't come up this past weekend then! You guys wouldn't have been there.I thought about it several times though.

Glad you had a wonderful time away. Everyone needs little breaks.

See You guys in a couple weeks.
"Melissa's Shower"

Beka & Bill said...

Hey looks like you guys had a nice night away!! Cool!!