Monday, June 23, 2008

Wedding Season Continues

So I realize I am quite a bit behind on my blogging (work has kept me quite busy for the last couple weeks!), but I'm finally back - that's the important part right?
Saturday, June 14, the Bloomingdale church ladies hosted a Bridal Shower for Melissa (Jon's soon-to-be sister-in-law). Here are some pictures of the fun that day. Maybe Jon will post pictures from the "guy thing" later.

Melissa with the cake. (No that is NOT me pigging out in the background!)

Melissa and Mom C.

The gifts (and food)
Most of us went together to buy a 12 pc. pots and pans set, a wok, a large stock pot, some kitchen utensils, and a heap of gardening things (Brad and Melissa just bought a house and as a teacher, Melissa will have all summer off to figure out how to use all this stuff!)

Sorry Mel! I really like this one, and we both know it could be worse! :-)

One of the dreaded shower games. (supervised by yours truly!)

She was surprised!!

Twice the fun when Brad saw the gifts!

He even got his very own pair of gardening gloves!

He was particularly worried that they get the wok, so we wrapped it back up for him to open himself.

"Oh dear! . . . Not sure what I've done!"

Overall a good day!

Only two weeks to go! ( a few days as of this post!)


Aimee said...

Yes, it was a very nice day!
The time has come....See you this weekend!=)

R. Catton said...

Thanks for the pictures of the shower and our fun day. What a nice way to keep people updated. I'm thrilled they were both so surprised. We all came together and made them both very happy. Thanks to all who took part! Soon to be another Mr & Mrs!

the taylors said...

When will we hear from you again? What did you all do for the Fourth?
Becky (commenting from Rach's computer at Rach's house)

Leah & Jon said...

Yeah I know I have been very busy with work lately! We have pix to be posted from Brad and Mel's wedding and Jon got a few pix on the fourth. We went to his cousin's house. They grilled and we made home made ice cream!