Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Me and the Men

So I just wanted to put some pictures out there from our good times down at St. Lawerence. This was the day before my big Bro was to get married. Anyway, these pictures were taken on our new Nikon D300 Camera (Note: Does not me the operator is a pro yet!). Hope you enjoy.

This is Brad with some of his Buddies from St. Lawerence.

This is the Chapel from the golf course we played on.

This is Brad before people got to the church.

This is a squirrel. He was posing for me.

This is the back of Gunnison Chapel.

These are two of the groomsmen. (Jason on the left, Adam on the right)

Mel and one of the bridesmaides.

Lastly, Mel and Brad thanking everyone for all their hard work at dinner.

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