Monday, August 25, 2008

All in a Day's Work!

This past Saturday morning found us out bright and early! This year, Mom and Dad C. bought a nice little cabin on the camp grounds (the one that we had rented during camp). Part of the deal negotiated dealt with the fact that it needed the roof re-done. Since it was going to be such a nice day Saturday, we (Ruth, Ralph, Jon, and I) packed a picnic lunch and headed for camp! The guys cleaned off the old shingles, put tar paper on the whole thing and got one half of the roof re-shingled! Ruth and I tried to keep up with the falling shingles and pack them in boxes before we had too big of a mess! AND between cleaning up after the guys :-) we worked on giving the inside of the cabin a good cleaning and rearranging a few things.
The humble little cabin with the tarps on it to keep from water damage. Starting to tear off the old shingles. Almost all gone! I really DID do some work! (although I can't tell you WHAT I'm doing here!) Ahh here we go! (me on a ladder handing up shingles.)

The cabin halfway through renovations! We moved everything then put almost everything back the way it was. . . Oh well, at least we got to clean behind everything!

And finally, the mysterious face behind the camera! (I forgot to take the camera from her Saturday, so. . .)

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