Monday, September 1, 2008

Dinner and Roses

So here I am finally! I've been pretty busy lately with school, work, and now the holiday weekend. The weekend started early, and still isn't over. We had company for a short time Saturday afternoon, then a cook out with some friends and family Saturday night. Church, of course, Sunday, then Sunday night snacks with different friends and of course family. That lasted until pretty late Sunday night, and now here I am trying to catch up a bit before the next event this afternoon. It's been a busy week and now long weekend!
But now on to my title topic.
My brain gets a lot of down time while I'm working. I guess I spend a large percentage of my time at work either vacuuming or mopping, neither of which require a great deal of thought. Some of this time is spent praying, some singing with the radio or CD, some just enjoying the blissfulness of not thinking of much of anything, and SOME (especially lately) thinking about how blessed I am to have the husband I do. I don't really know why, but the other day at work I just got to thinking about Jon. I won't bore you with a huge long list of the MANY good things about him, but I will just say, I have been amazed time and again by his unconditional love and support! I gotta admit life has been a little crazy with school and everything lately, but he never gets bent out of shape if the house suffers from my being too busy. He never whines about when or what we're going to have for supper when I'm busy with homework. He'll even sit up late (well late for us) with me just to give me the moral support I need to finish a tough homework assignment! So my thought the other day was just how happy I was with him. Not only did he allow me to go back to school to follow a dream, but he encourages me in everything I do - from help and moral support with a tough assignment, to trying to get me to calm down and relax when I get me weekly grades! : /
With all this in mind, let me tell you about Friday night's dinner and roses. I had Friday off, so I spent the day working on homework. Jon got home from work and just started rummaging around in the kitchen. I ask him if he was ready for supper, and was going to go get something ready, but was right in the middle of something, so he volunteered to run to the grocery store and just pick up a rotisserie chicken. (he doesn't enjoy going to ANY store by himself.) So he went to the store and I worked on finishing up my project. Upon his return, he opened the door, poked his head in, and told me to close my eyes. (I LOVE surprises by the way!) And you ALMOST know the rest of the story. He came and insisted I hold out BOTH hands. The surprise was not a bouquet of roses, but a mini rose bush! I've wanted one for a while, but. . . Now I am the proud owner of a beautiful little rose bush with the prettiest little dark pink roses on it! Here are some pictures.


Becky said...

Hey, I see my Christmas gift to you guys (I'm so excited!) :) The rose bush is so pretty.
(That is the frame I got you isn't it?)

Leah & Jon said...

Yes, it is the frame you got us. I LOVE it! It looks great in our black and white kitchen! I'm very attached to all my picture frames!

the taylors said...

Awe, I have never longed for a rose bush or roses of any kind only because I imagine they are too hard to care for. However, Mrs. C just had a birthday and as I was throwing out her dead cut roses I noticed the stems had several starts on them. Well, I can't bare to throw them out, so, alas, I am going to try my hand! :) I still may not have roses but I am going to try. :-P

Aimee said...

That was just too thoughtful and sweet of Jon. It's those moments when someone special goes out of their way to do something like this that means a lot. It's very pretty.

That's my CUZ.