Monday, September 1, 2008

The Grand Finale!

The last activity of the long weekend was a boat ride and a picnic on an island. Lots of sun, lots of food, and lots of fun! Thanks Beka and Bill!! (more pictures coming soon!)


R. Catton said...

You were very fast posting your pictures! Today was so nice, a clear blue sky, sun and so relaxing. Anika was the "star" of the day with her moose slippers and walking with daddy while holding just the end of the hammer. Such a little love. Thank you Beka and Bill for inviting all of us to share your boat with you. It was a great way to end a summer that went too quickly. Being with family is what it's allllll about!

Beka and Bill said...

Yay! It was a fun day!! Glad you all came!!!