Monday, September 1, 2008

If Rach can do it. . .

So can I!
I went shopping the other day. Nothing big just grocery shopping, but while I was out, I went to the Dollar General to pick up some things for work. Now I'm not crazy about the Dollar General just because of the type coustomers they seem to attract. I always find good things there, but it seems like you have to dig to find things sometimes and then you really need a good dose of hand sanatizer. But alas, it's the only place we have been able to find what we needed, so here I go. I didn't even make it in the door before I noticed like three carts of "bargains" out on the sidewalk. Most of what I saw looked like cheap end of summer junk, but the first thing that caught my eye DIDN'T look like junk. It was this pretty little candle wall scounce thing (as pictured below). As I had mentioned, this was a "bargain" so I grabbed it up and continued on into the store. I grabbed what I went in for and a can of Pringles :-) and stood in line forever (yeah, you really wouldn't believe how long of a line there was in a Dollar General!) and then their computer/register system got messed up, etc. etc. The funny thing was that I think maybe one other lady and myself WERE indeed the only customers that didn't look like we were doing our grocery shopping at the Dollar General because they accept food stamps and it's close enough to walk from our dumpy apartments! Anyway, all that to say that I got to thinking and was quite amused to think that I went to the dollar store and got something on clearance! :-) My lovely little walk sconce (that I still have no idea what I'm going to do with) was originally 5 whole bucks! Can you even imagine being able to afford that?!? But being the good shopper I am, I got it for a mere $3.00! I know I know Rach would have used a coupon and a rebate and actually earned 5 cents, but. . . You gotta start somewhere!

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the taylors said...

We had a simialr funny deal where we looked high and low for just a simple bedside lamp. I mean we had gone to "regular" stores, to high end stores, which were ridiculous and didn't actually have what we wanted but the closest we had seen. On a fluke (and not looking for lamps) I went into our Dollar Gen and foudn EXACTLY what I had in mind, very simple for $5 each. I was delighted. You can imagine my surprise when they ran up on clearance for $2.00 each.