Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Heads

We kicked off the weekend by going to Brad and Melissa's house for pizza, wings, and pumpkin carving. There were eight of us - Mom & Dad, Brad & Mel, Jon & I, and Melissa's mom and Grandma (Gram didn't carve a pumpkin) and boy what a mess!
Here are just some of the MANY pictures I took.
Boys and their toys!
(Jon and Brad just had to use the dremel to cut the tops of their pumpkins while Dad used his good ol' faithful blade that he has used for years!)
Cleaning out the pumpkins.
(You'll notice the killer blade in Dad's hand!)
Sharron (Mel's mom) picked a hard pattern for hers, so Mel helped her finish it. (Gram came to check on the progress.)
Mel's and Mom's (I guess I missed getting a picture of Mom. She worked very diligently the whole time!) Brad did two.

Jon did two.

Dad's and mine
What a mess!

Brad and Jon cleaning seeds to be roasted. We also had yummy apple cider!

Thanks Brad and Mel!! We had a blast!

We'll post pictures of them lit up and some group pictures later. (they're on Jon's camera)


Becky said...

I like the one with the "tongue" sticking out! :)

Leah & Jon said...

yeah, pumpkin carving really brought the kid out of Ralph! He had a blast using the pieces others had cut out of theirs for extra features on his! He was kind of doing his own thing, and we were all a bit surprised at the outcome!! :-)

the taylors said...

Looks like a great, fun, probably a bit exhausting weekend! We have a pumlin that needs carving but we are giving it an extra week because in FL it won't last but about a week once it is carved.

Leah & Jon said...

Well Rach, I'm not sure how long ours will last sitting out in the cold! We've been getting heavy frost and now they're saying snow mixed with rain for tonight!