Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas - Part 1

It has been a pretty busy Christmas season! Jon has been off work for a few weeks because of his injury but I worked right up until Tuesday, Dec. 23rd. We exchanged our gifts Monday evening. Christmas Eve, we gathered up our gifts and overnight things and headed for Mom and Dad Catton's house for Christmas. We opened gifts that night and had family in for dinner on Christmas Day then we loaded up our loot and headed home. :-) Friday was supposed to be a day to re-organize and get ready to head to the Montgomery Christmas, but Jon spotted some bad weather headed our way (thanks to so we got around and headed out to beat the storm. We spent almost a whole week in Massena (as did most of the rest of the family). It's been a while since we were ALL together for such a length of time!

Here are just a couple pictures from our house. I'll post others with more detail later.

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