Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas - part 2

Pictures. . . Here are just a couple favorites.
Shhh. . . Don't tell the security guard! We kind of stepped over the little rope things to sit in Santa's chair at the mall. I LOVE this picture!!

My family (in Massena) wanted to do their part in spreading the spirit of Christmas. We decided to take in this homeless man and treat him as one of our own. . . :-)


Becky said...

I'm as bad as Mama now. I said, "Poor John" but I was laughing hysterically, especially at what you put under the picture.

Leah & Jon said...

Yeah, If I would have thought he would be offended, I wouldn't do it, but he wanted his picture taken like that!

the taylors said...

What is funy is I just posted the same photo (hadn't been here yet)------only I put it under "sick." :-)
Being the wife an all, you know!! LOL

Lynette said...

Wow! The sister picture is great.Been a while since I have seen one that good :)Although it is really bugging me that the red Christmas purse clashes so badly with the purple sweater.