Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Fun

Yes, I realize it's been quite some time since I posted anything. No, I don't feel too bad about it! :-) This past weekend, my parents and little sister came to visit! It was their first time, so it was fun to show them around the apartment and some of the area attractions. They arrived in time for supper Friday evening and stayed over until Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, all my good picture taking intentions were kind of forgotten over the weekend, but we had a good time anyway!


the taylors said...

Oh I'm jealous, what fun! What did you have for supper?

Leah & Jon said...

Tacos for supper then pop corn and apple juice with the movie then egg, ham, and cheese muffins for breakfast/brunch (some had yogurt smoothies too) then cinnamon rolls Mamma made then PB pie for a snack in the afternoon! Yeah we pretty well just ate the whole time!

the taylors said...

Eating is what we do so well though! :-p It is a wonder we don't LOOK like it!! LOL