Friday, January 16, 2009

Montgomery Christmas/New Year

Twelve adults/teen and four kids! How's that sound? I wish I could have recorded the noise and the chaos for you all to enjoy! If you don't think that sounds like a wonderful, enjoyable Christmas, then I guess it's a good thing you're not in the Montgomery family! As for us. . . that's home.

My feeble attempt at capturing the chaos.

The sled slide Bud and Jon made for the kids.
Ah and the bunny ears - gotta have them. I just thought it was funny 1) that nobody realized what was happening and 2) that it was one of the senior members of the family using such tactics!
Just like old days! HA! Mamma used to line us up in front of our stockings at Christmas. We decided to re-live the memory only in height order. Bud is actually the 4th child; Becky the 2nd; Me 5th; Rachel 1st; Lynette 3rd; and Joy (6th) has a ways to go before she catches up with anyone!
So sure, there's the noise and the mess and the utter chaos, but then there's this.
The whole family!
And this. . .
And this. . .
And this.
Who's ready to do it again?


Becky said...

I'd do it anyday!!!

Lynette said...

Definitely what I know as a blast!

the taylors said...

Oh I'm there!! I actually WAS aware that the "bunny ears" was happening but was powerles to stop it. :-)