Friday, August 14, 2009

Everyday. . . Nothingness

So I don't have anything exciting to say, I just wanted to write a post about our lack of excitement. Since Tuesday, I've been mostly just hanging out at home. I had friends for dinner Wed. night, worked All day Thursday, and today just more hanging out at home doin' homework. Random note: I finish my program and receive my diploma in Residential Planning (basically the same as Interior Design) Dec. 20th. Jon on the other hand has been livin' it up on Rt. 66. OK, I don't think they're sticking with 66 and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't necessarily consider driving for a week straight as "living it up", but he has gotten to see some of the country's (or maybe world's would be more accurate) greatest wonders like the St. Louis arch, Grand Canyon, and the Hoover Dam (today) as well as miles and miles of nothing but flatland! He is taking LOTS of pictures and I'm sure will be posting some when he gets home. Unfortunately for me, he doesn't get home until Tuesday right around noon! So, that's pretty well it for all the random little things I can think of happening with us right now. Aren't you glad I posted?? Such excitement you wouldn't have wanted to miss I'm sure!

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Lynette said...

Man,too bad you're stuck at home.But definitely making the best of it.
Been there done those sights.Awesome!Can't wait to be back out that way.