Monday, August 24, 2009

I AM . . . Blessed!

At work, we sell puzzle pieces for autism. On one side they say "I AM" and on the other, any number of things - awesome, loved, peace, music, magnificent, unique, original, unstoppable, etc. One of my favorites is the one that says "I AM BLESSED" It's such a simple reminder to stop and think of just a few of the good things when life really doesn't FEEL that good at the moment. I like to give these little reminders for gifts whenever I can. It supports a great cause (one very close to my heart) and every time, it reminds me as well. . . I am blessed to have friends and family to buy gifts for! In other news. . . Jon returned home safe and sound Tuesday shortly before noon and was back to work that afternoon. His overnight flight made the three hour jet lag non existent by bed time that night! For the rest of the week, it was work/school and a little hanging out with friends until the weekend. . . Friday, we both got out of work a little early to have time to regroup (and for Jon - nap) before heading down to Saranac Lake for dinner at Mom and Dad Catton's. Brad was working at the office in Saranac Lake and Melissa was bringing Logan down from Plattsburgh to show him off, so Mom jumped on the chance to have everyone there for dinner. It also just happened to be Mom and Dad's 38th anniversary! (She claims it wasn't on purpose. . . :-) So, we enjoyed yummy grilled chicken and ribs complete with Mom's famous potato salad (which I think I had only ever heard about) then it was time to make the foggy and somewhat stressful drive home (deer lurk around these parts at night!). Obviously, we made it home just fine (after saying a little prayer that the deer would just stay out of our path because we couldn't see real well some of the time). Saturday, we were able to catch up on some sleep and just relax (and cut Jon's hair!) around home before dinner with friends. Oh yeah, then there was homework that had been put off all day, but it wasn't bad. Sunday is always a somewhat busy day - this one possibly more so than usual. And now today, it's back to the usual. Jon's at work, I have laundry to do, homework to do, and the house usually needs some attention after the weekend, so I guess I better get to it! P.S. I am blessed to have my own little home (apt) and my own washer and dryer in my house and at my disposal whenever - no waiting for someone else to get their stuff out, and no change required! :-)

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Lynette said...

We are definitely blessed! !
What an inspirational post!