Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas pictures. . . FINALLY!

Catton Christmas

Reading the Christmas Story.

The Stocking Ritual
Not the most flattering picture of us, but it's the only one I have on my camera.
And now. . . (can I get a drum roll please?!?). . . The newest members of the "stocking ritual"
The baby of course, not his parents
And these not so young-sters hung their stockings for the first time this year. Mom wanted something extra special for her first stocking. . . :-)
We wanted to do it up BIG!
She was a little surprised.
Didn't really get many gift opening shots this year, but Brier so enjoyed opening his own toy this year! No joke Jon started it for him and the dog opened his own gift then thought the next few that were handed out should be his too!

K, here's the story, much to his dismay, Brier isn't allowed on the furniture at Mom and Dad Catton's house. He loves Jon and the feeling is mutual, so he was so excited to find Jon in the bedroom napping, he kind of forgot the "no pets on furniture" rule and jumped up there where he rolled as close as he could get to Jon and laid there thumping his tail on the bed.

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awww that's so cute (the last one)