Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quck update

So, two things.
First, I'M DONE!!!! Finally at 12:35 Saturday night/Sunday Morning I finished all requirements for school, so I should be expecting my diploma in the mail sometime in the next little while.
Second, Mostly for Rach and the other girls and family members who didn't get to be here, I have some pictures. Jon and I went to see the program that Mama was in charge of at their church tonight. She and the kids did a great job! I'll probably be posting a few more pictures later, but here are some of my prize pictures from after.
I was a little emotional over this one. Partly because Becky wrote the song she was singing and partly because a few weeks ago, Joy was laying in a hospital ICU with holes in her lung and not able to talk. Tonight she sang a beautiful solo!


Becky said...

Great! Now you got me all teary eyed again (refer to my recent post on our sister's blog) :) (See what I mean about the over emotionalism lately?)

Valerie said...

So glad Joy is doing so much better!! Enjoyed the pictures!!

The Taylors said...

Actually came to check this out as soon as I got your text message and enjoyed it tremendously. I have been back several times just to enjoy but it is a bit of a pain trying to leave a message via the blackberry and I don't get on the PC very often.
Thanks for sharing. Loved all the pictures!!