Monday, March 1, 2010

All updated

And now, just a little run down of our recent activities. Every week begins with church on Sunday then there's just work til Wed. night Bible study (cottage meeting at different people's houses to help with the church's heating costs for the winter) then more work. Weekends have been somewhat busy, but relaxing at the same time. Jon always has band practice on Saturday morning. This past Saturday there was also a men's breakfast before practice. He got home around 12:30 and we headed down to Saranac Lake to "drop in" on Mom and Dad Catton - no reason, just dropping off/picking up stuff and visiting. They provided a yummy dinner then we were on the road again. Last Saturday, I worked til 2:00 then we got together with friends. Two weekends now, we've been able to help our friends get moved and settled into there new place and of course there's always food and fun to be had to break up the work. This Friday, Jon (and the other guys he plays with at church) will be participating in a concert of sorts for Seaway Youth for Christ. Otherwise, no big plans. So three posts later. . . Consider yourself officially caught up on what's been going on with us lately.

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R. Catton said...

We absolutely LOVED our surprise visitors Sat. I couldn't believe when I looked up and there you were coming up the steps. Just want you to know that you and Jon are two of my Blessings!