Monday, March 1, 2010


The last couple weeks I have been in a bit of a slump. No particular reason, just a little discouraged and sooo ready for spring! I meant to post at the time, but never got around to it. I'm feeling much better about life now, but I still wanted to post another little list of my every day blessings. I HAVE been accused of having a Pollyanna outlook (which is good I think), and I guess that's what this list is. For several days while feeling blaw, I would start focusing on good things I would add to a list. I've decided I just need to sit down and post a list like this every once in a while, even if it gets repetitive, just to keep things in perspective. So here it is - blessings that make my life good.
  • My little "home"
  • My family
  • My sewing machine
  • My favorite mug (It makes me feel warm inside to have my own special mug that my Momma got for me. When I'm feeling down or lonely or just sentimental, I can snuggle up with a warm drink and good memories.)
  • A valentine announcing a new niece or nephew
  • Good "old" friends
  • Good "new" friends
  • A large collection of photos and great memories to go with them
  • Good health. I often stop and feel guilty after complaining about my headache or mild neck or knee problems. I look around and see people in wheel chairs, hospital beds, or just constant pain and my problems are really quite small.
  • Internet. Yes, there are times I'm ready to save the extra money every month and be rid of the distraction, but with my family so far spread. . . It really is a life-saver! Getting personal e-mails from family and being able to collaborate on projects with my sisters via blogs, etc. . .


Aimee said...

So which one is expecting?

The Taylors said...

I have this urge to be funny and say "me"...but as I am sure Leah already responded via a private venue AND given I am not sure just how funny that would actually be (the very idea frightens me!)

Leah & Jon said...

Yeah Rach I was gonna say that I'm pretty sure you wouldn't think it so funny if it were true! :-) By the way, how's your therapy going?!? LOL :-) JK

Leah & Jon said...

K Aim. I was hoping someone would own up to it and I didn't want to steal anyone's thunder, but. . .

Net. :-)