Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update. Last week was a bit crazy! I usually work only VERY part-time. Last week, my boss was gone so I put in 45 hours - Mon.-Sat.! Jon has pretty well completely changed jobs now, so that means earlier mornings, later evenings, and a LOT more driving time for him. Sooo. . . It was a bit of a long week. I, of course, had a birthday in the middle of all that. I got all kinds of great gifts and goodies (brownies anyone?!?) then Friday night Jon took me to dinner at our local Chinese place. Saturday, I worked until 2:00 then Jon had band practice at 3:30. We got home and didn't feel like cooking (again) so we tried out an old favorite diner in it's new location (not a huge fan of the new set-up). Then it was Sunday again after one less hour of sleep. So that's pretty well it for last week! In other news. . . It is BEAUTIFUL out here and has been for most of the last couple weeks! I know this means very little to some of you more southern dwellers, but considering that next to Maine we're pretty well as north as it gets in the Eastern US. . . Today, March 16, is mid to upper 50s and OK, I admit I have spring fever bad enough that I have a window open! So anyway, that's it for now. Now I'm back to trying to get laundry finished and the house in good shape again before I head back to work tomorrow.

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Becky said...

Hey, thanks for the update. I love your background. You should be getting your package soon. Gotta' run - literally. Tryin' to wrap up on the computer so I can go for a run before I have to go get Kay-Kay.