Thursday, March 25, 2010


So Here I sit bored at work again. I've been here since around 8:30 and have had no customers. At this rate 5:00 will NEVER get here! This morning started extra early too because I had to be completely ready for work before taking Jon to work for 7:30 - 30 min.s away, so I'm a little sleepy on top of the boredom!
Anyway, for lack of anything better to post, I thought I'd post a couple pictures of some baskets I made up here at work a couple weeks ago. There were two just the same. The customer brought in her own baskets and beer and I put it all together with the chips, dip, BBQ, steak rub, and peanuts she bought from us. I didn't wrap them in cellophane or anything like normal because she was going to add sweatshirts to them (hence the bare space in the middle).

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