Friday, March 26, 2010


Long story short. . . I ordered a sweatshirt and hat from the campus store the beginning of November. I was hoping to have them by graduation so I'd be able to proudly wear them all winter. . . I got a sweatshirt and hat the end of December, only I received not the small sweatshirt I ordered, but. . . are you ready for this? . . . a 2X!! So I followed return directions, etc. and was assured the replacement would be put through on priority. . . Three months, many unanswered phone messages, and a couple e-mails later. . .
Look what FINALLY came yesterday!
I had to check the tag just to be sure. I even tried it on. It really IS the right size!
Oh yeah, look what else came with it! (sorry for sideways pix, you get the idea.)
Sooo. . . Now here's the conundrum I'm in. How many identical hats do you see?!?

If you said two - you are correct!

I'm thinking a free $9 hat is the least they can do for my troubles, but I'm honestly wondering if I want to settle for that! AND now I'm disappointed because I had hoped to order some other stuff (t-shirts, etc.) from them. . .

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