Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoe Shopping With My Husband

First let me say in lieu of the two recent losses in our families (My Grandmother and Jon's uncle), I am not in any way trying to ignore or make light of them. I know how the rest of the family is struggling to go on with things and I really am not completely heartless or insensitive. I guess it's just easier for me to keep busy and not focus on the finality of it all. With that said, I wanted to brag on my husband. Turns out that he enjoys the "frills" of life possibly a little more than I do. I like to think of myself as practical when it comes to things like clothes, hair, etc. Maybe it's just laziness, but I just am not one to spend crazy time with clothes that require a lot of ironing, layering, or accessorizing. As for my hair I don't do all the blow drying, curling, and product. Oh yeah, and all the extra money that goes into all that stuff?!? Forget it! So anyway, I have had the same single pair of black dress shoes for I honestly don't remember how long! I liked them well enough, but they were starting to wear and they were a bit chunky for some of my dressier outfits. I've been keeping an eye out for something new, but couldn't find anything that worked for me either in style OR price. So, last night Jon came home from work and announced that he thought maybe we should go shoe shopping! Yes ladies. . . My husband thoroughly enjoys shoes and shopping for them! What he's not a big fan of is my kind of shopping where I look and look and try on and try on and sometimes even find the perfect thing but still walk out without anything because I decide I don't "just need" the item or I decide I don't like the price. So anyway, all this rambling to say that I finally got new black dress shoes! Funny thing is that I have seen and even tried these ones on before, but for some reason didn't get them. We still paid more than I would have liked, but. . . Who can pass up a new pair of shoes when your husband makes a special point to take you shopping just for this purpose?!?


Lynette said...

Soooo cute! I'm jealous!both of the shoes and your husband taking you shopping.

The Taylors said...

Funny...I have a theory on all that (and eveidently way too much time on my hands as this is the 4th comment I have left you today). I have always been "practical, simple,easy - and cheap" I don't attribute mine to laziness as much as the fear that maybe I would not be clever enough and "get it wrong" (and it is just easy and I prefer low maintainance).
But one of the reasons that I knew/know John is perfect for me, is hard to describe but it is just that...that while he truly is fine with my simple low maintainance approach, even apprectiates it, he "gets" that underneath there is a part of me that enjoys a "great pair of shoes" (or some such thing) and loves nothing more than to indulge that.
So anyway, as I ramble one, feel free to edit/not post as you wish. I have at least entertained myself.

Becky said...

Good for you (and kudos to John)! :) I like them (though they would look way too stylish for me 'cause I'm not very stylish unfortunately)

matannjess said...

Great selection. I like them. You sound kinda like my husband when he shops. Oh, the patience it takes to shop with him, but at least he shops!