Friday, April 16, 2010

Sticking Out All Over

The story is told of a young boy who approached an evangelist after a revival tent meeting. "Excuse me, sir?" the little boy said politely. "You said everyone should ask Jesus into their hearts, right?" That's right, son." The evangelist squatted down so he could look the boy in the eye. "Did you ask Him in?" "Well, I'd like to," the boy said, shuffling dirt with the toe of his shoe before returning his gaze to the evangelist. "But I got to figurin' . . . I'm so little and Jesus is so big - He's gonna stick out all over!" "That's the point, son," the evangelist said with a smile. "That's the point." - Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World -

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Kendra Logan said...

Aw, that is such a great story! I'd never heard that before! Wow!