Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Halloween Weekend started for us on Friday night. Our church young adult group had a costume party. Saturday afternoon we headed to Plattsburgh for the third annual Catton pumpkin carving fest which always includes pizza, wings, dessert, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Here are just a few pictures. The first is a bell pepper I carved and filled with chip dip for Friday night. The others are pumpkins from Saturday. The first individual pumpkin picture is Jon's the second is mine (I thought it was cool how the candle made it look like there was a full moon behind the tree or something).


The Taylors said...

What fun and great art work!

Becky said...

Excellent job!!! (Please tell me you guys used patterns too 'cause I'm gonna' be disgusted if you didn't.)

Leah & Jon said...

Oh yeah, we had paper patterns - which goes against my inner originality, but I'm not into it enough to come up with anything great on my own and I'm sick of stupid faces (not the patter ones they're cool but i just do the same ol' thing normally). i skipped the whole punching holes/tracing step and just started cutting right over the paper and it still took me as long as everyone else even thoug i picked a simple one on purpose!